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The Unslain
Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 88

King Ostog the Unslain is a legendary Ulfen adventurer and the Linnorm King of Southmoor and the subject of an impossible saga where it is increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from exaggeration.1


Ostog strides into battle shirtless, so as to show his muscles and the dozens of grisly scars on his chest. He wears his blond hair to his shoulders and meticulously trims his beard.1


Born in the town of Bildt, Ostog was the second son of his father Valdar, and had an older brother named Hakon. His family has a long tradition of raiding the decadent south to 'carve a path to Valenhall', as Valdar told Hakon and Ostog before going on a raid, never to return. As their father had known what it meant to live and die honourably, Hakon and Ostog were not afraid to die, and only feared that their deeds would not earn them passage to Valenhall and reunite them with Valdar.1


Ostog is a former adventuring companion of the author Styrian Kindler, whose Account of Ostog the Unslain, published in Ardis in 4715 AR, is considered to be his most accurate biography.1


After Hakon left to join the hero Hrolf Harfargr, who has been an inspiration for the brothers since childhood, Ostog became the target of the evil, cowardly Linnorm King Ingimundr, who assigned him and Hrolf Harfargr under the command of the corrupt captain, Girt Bear-Wearer.1

When Girt Bear-Weaver had Snorri Snurlleson whipped for insubordination, Harfargr attempted a mutiny, which ended up a catastrophic failure as the loyal crew cut the mutineers down. Ostog received eleven wounds before being thrown overboard, but through sheer tenacity and intuition, he managed to swim back to shore near Sandpoint. This act earned him the nickname Ostog the Unslain.12

Ostog spent his savings in the Rusty Dragon before meeting the cleric Vorn, associate of Sandpoint's sheriff Belor Hemlock. Through him, he joined a band of adventurers consisting of Styrian Kindler, Howell Talbot III, Kirin, and Velmarius Elazarin. For five years, they faced off against numerous foes, including Kanker, the Red Bishop, the xoarians3 of Ilvarandin, the Sandpoint Devil, and the ghost of Girt Bear-Weaver, from whom he reclaimed Harfargr's greatsword Gnarlfang.12

In 4711 AR, Kirin and Vorn left the group, and the rest travelled to Osirion to stop an undead pharaoh who sought to release his patron Rovagug. They were joined by Thalestris Mytilinos, and for the next few months, they explored the pharaoh's massive tomb and fought countless of his minions to stop his scheme. The most difficult challenge for the group was when Rovagug attempted to destroy them with memories of their own pasts, which manifested as an exceptionally powerful Sandpoint Devil.4

After defeating the pharaoh and saving Golarion, the group returned to Sandpoint, but their power meant that the town could no longer hold them, and they disbanded. Ostog then returned home and reunited with Hakon, who revealed to him that he had been following Ostog's footsteps for the whole time since he left Sandpoint. Hakon also revealed to Ostog that the elderly Sveinn Blood-Eagle, king of the Thanelands, would soon depart for Valenhall, leaving the most influential Linnorm Kingdom for the taking if one could only kill a linnorm. Ostog initially thought of Fafnheir, but Hakon suggested Gullenjal. Ostog then prepared for a journey into Gullenjal's lair on Vilhjalm Mountain.1 With Gullenjal's head in hand, Ostog claimed the throne of Southmoor, whose Linnorm King Opir Eightfingers had recently disappeared.5


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