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Ordrik Talhrik

Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 9f.

Ordrik Talhrik, sometimes spelled Ordirik Talhirk12 or written as Talhirk Ordrik,3 was King Garbold Talhrik's cousin and closest advisor but also a cleric of Droskar. He controlled his cousin with addictive substances, making him cede power over time to the priests of Droskar,12 before murdering him and seizing the throne of the Five Kings Mountains kingdom of Tar Khadurrm4 in 4369 AR.125678

Upon taking power Ordrik attempted to install a Droskari theocracy, which resulted in the 13-year-long Forge War. Generals loyal to the true crown fought to keep their kingdom but failed, and in 4382 AR Ordrik declared himself theocrat and ordered all dwarves to work in Droskar's name.12768

For nearly 100 years the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains lost every sense of art and beauty, and their craftsmanship became merely adequate. Many dwarves fled to the other dwarven kingdoms as well as settlements in Druma and the Mindspin Mountains.1276 Rituals in honor of Droskar demanded the deaths of hundreds to reinforce defensive structures with walcofindes.9

Ordik contracted an illness soon after his victory, and after shoddy care from Droskarian healers he died in 4389 AR.84 Droskarian priests could not maintain their hold on the other dwarves and Ordrik's theocracy crumbled in 4466 AR,1247 with Highhelm seceding from Tar Khadurrm to become an independent city-state.4

During the Forge War, the legendary Axe of the Dwarvish Lords was claimed by Theocrat Ordrik. Knowing the threat to his rising regime that the axe represented, Theocrat Ordrik hid it away deep beneath Droskar's Crag.1011


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