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Magma dragon
Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 32-33

Moschabbatt is an ancient magma dragon living in the southern portion of the Five Kings Mountains. The dragon has carved out a large lair deep beneath surface near the heart of the volcano Droskar's Crag. The lair is around a lava lake called the Blood of the Mountain and lies between two ancient subterranean dwarven transportation routes, now cut off from their original destinations. Moschabbatt never intrudes upon the territory of the red dragon Daralathyxl, eager to avoid his wrath.1

Early life

When he was a young dragon, Moschabbatt lived with a small clutch of magma dragons near the heart of Torag's Crag. They noticed the warning signs of impending eruption and understood that their home would soon be destroyed. The clutch decided to split up and seek a new place to call home. By the time the volcano erupted in 3980 AR, in an event now known as the Rending, Moschabbatt had found a cave system beneath what is now Andoran. After the catastrophe, he returned to his former lair where he found only ruins and pools of bubbling magma. He located a small set of still-intact caverns and made his new lair, waiting—his clutchmates never returned. Moschabbatt began defining his new territory, intimidating those who objected to his expansion and slaying those who opposed it.1


Though the eruption had destroyed his original lair, Moschabbatt was pleased to discover a newly opened pathway that ascended toward the ruins of the dwarven capital of Jernashall. The dragon discovered dwarf-forged magic weapons and cultural artifacts, chests full of jewelry, and precious metals among the rubble and crushed corpses and this treasure became his new hoard.1

Moschabbatt became gradually fascinated with the stout folk whose treasures he had acquired. He started to study their history and observe them from afar, and what he saw troubled him. He watched the Forge War (43694382 AR)2 and the descent of the dwarven nations into apathy and drudgery, all the while remaining happy to gradually build his hoard with the rubble of their fallen empire.1

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

Moschabbatt had the first direct contact with the dwarves when a secret team of explorers sent by the dwarven Theocrat Ordrik Talhrik ventured to Jernashall's ruins. The team was led by Bravitsor Broac and carried a powerful artifact. The dragon killed the adventures but the dwarven axe they held survived the dragon's breath and the magma that drowned their twitching bodies. It was the legendary Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, the key to a lost golden age of dwarven culture and now the most precious artifact in Moschabbatt's hoard. The dragon is the keeper of dwarves' greatest treasures and the key to a new age of dwarven glory.1


Moschabbatt's lair is supported by the azers of Clan Zilleran, who escaped from Medina Mudii'a and now inhabit an ancient dwarven waypoint. Led by their cleric Noble Zilleran the azers forge objects of exotic beauty which Moschabbatt trades with other Darklands denizens. Two hidden passages allow access to small platforms above the lava lake from where the azers could assist the dragon against invaders.3

The Flame Torrent tribe of red-scaled kobolds led by Ipmaark worship Moschabbatt. Their makeshift settlement stands on the banks of the lava lake in which their idol lives. The kobolds work as Moschabbatt's servants, lookouts, guards and excavation workers. Skilled tinkers, they have constructed levers and pulleys for transporting dwarven loot through a tunnel system as well as a lot of well-crafted traps to deter intruders.3

Scivia Zyrendox, an old drow ally from his days in Sekamina, is the dragon's closest advisor. She spends most of her time studying metallurgy and geology.3