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Magma dragon
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(fire, extraplanar)
4–20 (by age category)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 100-101

Magma dragons are a type of primal dragon native to the Elemental Plane of Fire.1


Magma dragons have black scales covered in rivulets of glowing lava.1

Habitat and Society

Magma dragons are solitary creatures. They are temperamental creatures given to lashing out violently. Other dragons view them as dangerously unbalanced, with a great deal of justification. Magma dragons rarely feel the urge to explain their actions to others.1

An exception to the magma dragons' normally solitary lifestyles exists in the form of the Emberen Recess, a volcanic region in the Plane of Fire ruled by a collection of ancient magma dragons who govern their younger kin, and who are themselves led by the ancient dragon Caliniaya. The dragons of the Emberen Recess are served by salamander slaves who guard their borders and mine gems for their hoards.2


As with all true dragons, Magma Dragons gain in power as they age. They have formidable physical abilities, and as they age they gain spell-like abilities and sorcerous spellcasting.

The bite of all but the youngest of magma dragons causes fire damage to those it bites, in addition to the normal bite damage.

Magma dragons' breath weapon is a cone of fire. Older magma dragons can instead breath a cone of clinging lava which continues to burn its victims after the initial inferno. The very oldest can spit a glob of fiery lava which cools rapidly and can trap a victim who somehow manages to survive the lava itself.1


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