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An Ouroboros.

Magical beast
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 206

Ouroboroses are serpentine magical beasts native to the Astral Plane. Embodying the cycles of divine creation and destruction that created the multiverse, ouroboroses forever consume themselves and are reborn in an unending loop.1


An ouroboros appears to be a serpentine creature that consumes its own tail, but closer inspection reveals that its body is formed from a myriad of smaller entwined serpents, which are not independent creatures and become lifeless if separated from the main body. These serpents are in turn formed from smaller serpents that, when inspected under magnification, prove to be composed of tinier serpents still. An ouroboros is usually coiled into a circle roughly 50 feet in diameter that weighs 260 tons.1


Each ouroboros is biologically immortal and reliant on no other creature to survive, constantly eating itself and replenishing its body with its own infinity. Ouroboroses have crude intellects and can understand speech. They have an almost pathological survival instinct, which drives them to destroy any creatures that pose even the slightest threat without provocation or warning. This has given them a reputation for being engines of mindless destruction.1

Ouroboroses can almost instantly grow new flesh and heal nearly any wound thanks to their blood, which is suffused with positive energy. Many have tried to harness the healing powers of ouroboros blood to restore life to the dead or heal grievous wounds, unaware that it is suited to the generation of ouroboros flesh and no other, and warps the flesh of those exposed to it, including these patients, transforming them into venomous snakes, pieces of the ouroboros itself.1

Most ouroboroses found on the Material Plane came there by accident, tumbling through portals from the Astral Plane, or summoned by homicidal spellcasters.1


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