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People of the Wastes

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People of the Wastes
People of the WastesTemporary artwork
Author(s) Paizo staff
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $14.99
Expected November 2017
Type Sourcebook
Binding Softcover
Pages 32 pages
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Player Companion
Follows Blood of the Coven
Precedes Potions & Poisons
Artwork from People of the Wastes

People of the Wastes, a Pathfinder Player Companion sourcebook, is expected to be released in November 2017.

This book has been announced but has not yet been released.
Product details such as release date, authors, cover art, and contents are subject to change.
Magic is irrefutably powerful, but not always entirely reliable. In quarters of the Pathfinder world, like the spell-scarred Mana Wastes, invention supplants magic with its potential for wonders. With Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Wastes you'll discover new technological innovations, from guns and explosives to dwarven gadgets and the state-of-the-art marvels of the gun-smithing city of Alkenstar. New archetypes, feats, traits, and other character options also unlock new levels of expertise in marksmanship, but also methods of taping into unpredictable surges of magical might. A whole frontier of danger and invention is yours to claim, if you can survive the wastes.