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Ralzeros the Overwatched.

The Overwatched
Source: Echoes of the Overwatched, pg(s). 3

The astronomer and wizard Ralzeros the Overwatched is one of the few known figures from Absalom's early history. He built his observatory and home out a single block of volcanic basalt in what is now the city's Wise Quarter, a building that still stands thousands of years later and now houses the famous Blakros Museum.123


Ralzeros studied the beings of the Dark Tapestry before he built his observatory, and learned through them that a magical portal to their domain existed beneath the city of Absalom. He dug and uncovered it, calling it the Gate of Beyond, and built his fortress over it, hiding the gate from public knowledge.4 The powers of the Dark Tapestry gifted Ralzeros with an assistant, a ghoul named the Devourer of Reason. Although the ghoul was helpful, Ralzeros eventually imprisoned him in his stronghold's attic after he discovered the Devourer had killed one of the wizard's favorite human assistants.1

Magical rivalry

Ralzeros is also known to have been the rival of Beldrin, another Absalom wizard. Historians consulting the History of the True Art, a text on the early wizards and astrologers of Absalom by the author Jackdaw, have concluded that the rivalry stemmed from Ralzeros' belief that Beldrin had stolen one of the magical keys that unlocked the rooms in which Ralzeros kept his most prized possessions.1 Ralzeros eventually disappeared without a trace after a magical duel with Beldrin, but whether Beldrin was the cause of this, or a malign intelligence from beyond Golarion whisked him away is unknown.53

After Ralzeros' disappearance

Ralzeros' fortress-home stood empty for centuries, if not millennia. It was finally purchased by the Blakros family to house their precious artifacts,3 with many of Ralzeros' own bizarre possessions forming part of the foundation of their occult collection known as the Collection Esoterica. The best known of these items is a magical amulet called the eye of the overwatched, which he fashioned to protect him from enemy spellcasters.2


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