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The Blakros Museum was the former stronghold of a mad astrologer and wizard named Ralzeros the Overwatched in the early history of Absalom.1 The mage constructed the building from a solid block of volcanic stone with the aid of dark, alien powers. After his disappearance, the building was eventually bought by the Blakroses, a matriarchal family of influential nobles and artifact hunters, who filled the building with relics and artifacts collected from throughout the Inner Sea region.2


Nigel Aldain, curator of the Blakros Museum.

The basalt structure is home to the Blakros collection, which includes numerous artifacts of dubious arcane origins. It is located in the Wise Quarter of Absalom. The museum's exhibits change regularly. The museum's current curator is an unpleasant, former Pathfinder Society agent named Nigel Aldain.3 For several years now, the Blakros Museum's vast collection has been available to the Society, and loyal Pathfinder agents are encouraged to report information about new exhibits to their venture-captains as soon as they become aware of them.4

Nigel Aldain recently used an artifact known as a shadow obelisk to transform the interior of the building, so that it is now larger on the inside than the outside.2


Current or past museum exhibits have included:

Biological Oddities
A medical exhibit, after a fashion, that focused on bizarre occurrences and freakish anomalies preserved in liquid.5
The Evolution of Dragonkind
A perennial draconic-themed exhibit that includes an alabaster obelisk engraved with Draconic runes, dragon hides, and a taxidermied wyvern.6
Hall of Incantation
An exhibit of replicas of historically significant magical objects in the museum's archives.7
Hall of Legendary Beasts
Also called "Hunting the Beasts of Legend",8 this exhibit features creatures from across three continents, often the prey of Blakros family hunts, that have been preserved and put on display.9
Hall of Mysteries
A gallery of unexplained items and novelties pulled from the museum's archives.10
Historical Gallery
A rotating collection of historical artifacts, such as Taldan military exhibits and Osirian mummies.11
The Honored Dead
A series of funerary exhibits across multiple cultures, including preserved bodies.8
The Mwangi Exhibit
A mock recreation of a Mwangi Expanse environment, complete with a nearly 50-foot-tall stone ziggurat, tribal weapons, and reproductions of native grass huts.12
Secret Sorceries of a Savage Land
Technological relics smuggled from Numeria.13
Treasures of Distant Goka
A relatively new exhibit of items from Tian Xia, including ceremonial samurai armor and tea sets.14

Collection Esoterica

Nigel Aldain maintains the Collection Esoterica within the museum, an assemblage of psychic objects and magic items. They include the eye of the overwatched, Meldrel's underwater orb, a spidersilk medallion, and the wing of the shorn harpy.15


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