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Titles Centaur's Cliff
Nation Iobaria
Region Dvezda Marches
Size Large town
Population 4,995
Demographics 4,942 centaur, 13 other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral

Source: Maiden, Mother, Crone, pg(s). 70f.

Vurnirn is a centaur settlement situated in the north-east of the Hoofwood, in the region of Iobaria known as the Dvezda Marches. It acts a meeting place for the various centaur tribes.[1]

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Important residents

Amongst the senior members of the centaur clans that are found in Vurnirn are:[1]

Chieftain Korak Kaag
Kraask clan
Clan Chief Makar Kuzma
Tsurvom clan
Clan Chief Illarion Dosa
Voaldyn clan
Clan Chief Aglaya Kurdst
Prokhel Lavrenty


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