Okor's Basin

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Okor's Basin, also known as the breadbasket of the north, is the most populous region of Iobaria. A fertile depression that slopes towards the Lake of Mists and Veils from the western Coreth Wood, the Icerime Peaks, and the Syrzemyan Highlands,[1] the region is protected from the worst of the arctic winds. human settlers farm hardy breeds of cattle and crops, including dwarf strains of barley, wheat, and rye. Wild cattle herds also roam across the region as legacy of failed western settlements.

Once the Basin was dominated by the sprawling Storith Wood, but much of the forest covering the Basin was logged away as more settlers arrived and the nearby city of Orlov expanded.[2] Much of the region's human population lives either along the Nirrus River in the southwest, or close or Orlov, north of the remaining Storith Woods.[2]

Rashalka centaur occasionally range through the Basin.[3]