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The Dark Comet
Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 61
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Being a void dragon, Raskineya was not able to resist the allure of the void and in time, the void shattered her mind, driving her quickly to violence and destruction. The void's madness caused her to seek different planets of Golarion's solar system, to sate her hunger before fleeing back to the stars and plotting her next meal. This insatiable hunger is what brought her to the attention of the cult of Rovagug. Priests of the Rough Beast are known to enslave powerful creatures to do their bidding for their imprisoned god and Raskineya's savagery and madness made her a prospect the priests could not pass up. The priests prayed to the stars, whispering promises of blood to the dragon to lead her into their waiting clutches. Under the void's madness, she was no match for the cunning priests, and soon she was subdued, shackled, and locked in a cavern hidden deep within the earth. Raskineya fought against her chains at first, longing to once again fly to the stars and rid herself of the bonds. Yet the priests' prayers had not been wrong when they promised her blood. She was given plentiful sacrifices and hunting grounds to feed within her prison. As the priests fed Raskineya, the dragon not only grew stronger and more focused, but also began to understand the teachings of Rovagug. Raskineya, twisted with the void's corruption believed Rovagug's teachings as a blessing to the world. As well, if she could release her god, she could at long last have vengeance upon this existence, and upon the nameless ones who drew her here. All that would be left in his wake would be emptiness, and the nothingness her heart longed to return to. With her new-found sense of purpose, Raskineya turned upon her priest-captors. Her mind intact for the first time in centuries, she quickly overpowered them. From them she learned of a prophecy, set down by the oracles of the Brimstone Haruspex, that a dark comet would herald the return of Gormuz—the first and most powerful of Rovagug's spawn—who would in turn unleash the Rough Beast himself. Raskineya saw herself as this dark comet, and demanded all those who address her to call her by that name.

In the years since her ascension from her underground prison, Raskineya scoured the globe looking for the Star Towers—artifacts created by the pantheon to strengthen her god's prison. The dragon was certain that if she could locate the first of these towers and destroy it, the rest will fall quickly, weakening the foundations of the godly prison enough to allow Rovagug's escape. She moved from Star Tower to Star Tower, searching for clues as to the location of the original. She last conquered the Star Tower of Vekheen, defeating a paladin of Sarenrae named Dazma and her army that defended it. Raskineya vanquished Dazma and her army by dragging meteors from the sky to drop on the Sarenites. Those who survived the initial bombardment were savaged by akatas carried within the meteors, leaving the remainder easy pickings for the dragon. Though it seemed she was getting closer to her goal, Raskineya's actions became unpredictable as the desires of her god overtook her. Just as she conquered the Star Tower of Vekheen, she heard a pressing call she believed came from her god. She scorched the sky to the Pit of Gormuz, where she made a den in the Crater of Carnal Joining in anticipation of his arrival. There she waits, doing anything she can to attract his attention. She brought with her the Sarenite survivors of the raid on the Star Tower, who she keeps alive as subjects for her rites. Once noble soldiers, they are now maimed and driven mad, kept in perpetual darkness within a small cave in Raskineya's lair. The warriors of the Maimed Legion, as she calls them, see light only when they are being tortured.1


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