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Season of the Runelords

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The Season of the Runelords, or Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Season 2, was launched in March 2016.1

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview


The following adventures comprise the Season of the Runelords.

Number Cover Title Included Scenarios Location
2-1 Dark Waters Rising Dark Waters Rising
  • Goblins? Gross!
  • The Problem with Dragons
  • Small Town Politics
  • Cut Them Off at the Source
  • Midwife Crisis
  • Good with Ketchup
2-2 City of Secrets City of Secrets
  • Night on the Town
  • Life's Tough in the Big City
  • I'm Not Myself Today
  • The Idol of Sycorius
  • A Bad Day to be Good
2-3 Into the Mountain Into the Mountain
  • Scouring Strifehold
  • Tick-Tock on the Clock
  • Curses! Foiled Again
  • A Fungus Among Us
2-4 Wrathworks' Churning Heart Wrathworks' Churning Heart
  • Stone Mages' Spite
  • The Tormented Trolls
  • What Poison Hath Wrought
  • The Runelord's Handmaiden
  • A Shadow of Wrath
Hollow Mountain
2-5 Bastion of the Waking Rune Bastion of the Waking Rune
  • A Runelord's Respite
  • A Legacy of Ooze
  • The Putrid Gardens
  • The Moldering Dregs
  • Summoning Sloth
Rivenrake Island
2-6 The Shattered Blades of Alaznist The Shattered Blades of Alaznist
  • A Grim Contingency
  • Feast of Famine
  • The Opus Sundered
  • Escape from the Gravevault
  • Wrathful Blades Returned
Rivenrake Island