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City of Sails and Shrouds

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Society Adventure: City of Sails and Shrouds
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Book - Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Adventure

City of Sails and Shrouds, a Tier 1-2 Pathfinder Adventure Card Society scenario, was released in August 2019. The bundle requires the Core Set and, Curse of the Crimson Throne PACG sets.

Centuries ago, the nation of Lastwall was founded to keep watch over the prison of the Whispering Tyrant, history's most infamous lich. Now, the Whispering Tyrant is free, and one of his first acts was to destroy Lastwall's capital. As refugees flee and chaos threatens to consume the land, Lastwall needs heroes. Will you rise to the occasion? Help restore order, save lives, and uncover a nefarious secret in these four scenarios,


  • Powder Keg
  • Tangled Sails
  • To Seek the Devil's Doorstep
  • Treating the Infection