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Year of Rotting Ruin

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The Year of Rotting Ruin, or Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Season 6, began on August 2019. The season's plot revolves around the fallout of Tyrant's Grasp in the Gravelands.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview


The following adventures comprise the Season of Tapestry's Tides.

Number Cover Title Included Scenarios Location
2019 PACS Open All for Immortality (scenario bundle).jpg All for Immortality
  • All for Immortality
6-1 City of Sails and Shrouds.jpg City of Sails and Shrouds
  • Powder Keg
  • Tangled Sails
  • To Seek the Devil's Doorstep
  • Treating the Infection
6-2 Urgathoa's Persistent Shadow.jpg Urgathoa's Persistent Shadow
  • Of Swords and Ploughshares
  • Spoiled Victuals
  • Plight of the Many
  • Last Breath
6-3 Fortress of Ruin.jpg Fortress of Ruin
  • An Inauspicious Evening
  • Fear and Flame
  • Out of the Fire, into the Ambush
  • Master of Risen Flesh
6-4 What Stalks the Shadows.jpg What Stalks the Shadows
  • Intrigue in Ardis
  • Rock and Steel
  • Who Needs Sleep?
  • The Tigers' Den
Standalone Adventure #1 A Night at Bloodthorne Manor.jpg A Night at Bloodthorne Manor
  • A Ghostly Welcome
  • Death by Dinnerware
  • Society of the Veil
  • Unfinished Business
6-5 Echoes of Death.jpg Echoes of Death
  • Searching for Clues
  • Race for the Cemetery
  • Revisiting the Countess
  • An Unwelcome Reunion
6-6 Death's Vengeance.jpg Death's Vengeance
  • Storm of Ravenous Shadows
  • With Friends Like These
  • An Unlikely Alliance
  • Backstabbed
  • The Demilich's Demesne
  • The Lich's Legacy
6-99 Tyrant of the Harrow.jpg Tyrant of the Harrow
  • The Theatre
  • The Tangled Briar
  • The Waxworks
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