Herald's Chosen

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure 1-1: Herald's Chosen
Herald's Chosen
Author(s) Mike Selinker
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price PDF: $4.99
Released June 24, 2015
Type Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Adventure
Binding PDF
Rules set PACG
Series Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild
Season of the Righteous adventures
Follows Demonic Politics
Precedes War for the Worldwound
Artwork from Herald's Chosen

Herald's Chosen, a Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild scenario bundle suitable for starting characters by Mike Selinker, was released on June 24, 2015. It includes five scenarios, an adventure card, the adventure path card for Season of the Righteous, and Chronicle sheets for players to track their progress.

The Worldwound is a land beset by demons from the Abyss, but in the nearby city of Kenabres, crusaders gather to test their mettle. You have joined the Fourth Crusade, answering the call of High Queen Galfrey. The goddess Iomedae has also taken a personal interest in Abyssal incursions threatening the city, dispatching a herald known as the Hand of the Inheritor to bolster the courage of those who would face the demonic hordes. With martial skill, magical might, and a little but of luck, your band of adventures now have an opportunity to liberate the Worldwound and save the world.


Herald's Chosen includes the following scenarios.

  • Cloven Trail
  • Instant Inquisition
  • Get to Fort Clearwater
  • Crusaders Assemble
  • Ladies Who Lunch... with Demons