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Season of the Goblins!

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The Season of the Goblins!, or Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Season 2B, began and ended in 2016.12

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview


The following adventures comprise the Season of Plundered Tombs.

Number Cover Title Included Scenarios Location
2B-1 We Be Goblins! scenario bundle.webp We Be Goblins!
  • The Big Bonfire
  • Into Brinestump
  • The Old Shipwreck
  • Revenge of the Longshanks
Brinestump Marsh
2B-2 We Be Goblins Too! scenario bundle.jpg We Be Goblins Too!
  • The Birdcruncher Moot
  • It's All Fun and Games Till an Arch-Lich Loses an Eye
  • Munchmeat Farm
  • Pa's Reckoning