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Season of the Shackles

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The Season of the Shackles, or Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Season 0, launched October 1, 2014, and consisted of six adventures each comprised of several scenarios. The compiled adventures were published from October 1, 2014, to April 15, 2015.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview


The following adventures comprise the Season of the Shackles.

Number Cover Title Included Scenarios Location
0-01 On the Horizon.jpg On the Horizon On the Horizon The Shackles
0-1 Lost at Sea.jpg Lost at Sea Ghosts of the Deep
The Lone Shark
Brine Dragon Hunt
Salvage Operations
Nature's Wrath
The Treasure of Jemma Redclaw
The Shackles
0-2 A Pirate's Life.jpg A Pirate's Life Love's Labours Lost
Yo Ho Grindylows
Revenge of the Fishfolk
Who Rules Hell Harbor?
The Shackles
0-3 Treacherous Waters.jpg Treacherous Waters Wrecking Ball
On Top of the World
Jungle Boogie
Going Under
The Shackles
0-4 Island of the Damned.jpg Island of the Damned A Tale of Two Alchemists
By Rum and Thunder
The Impossible Bottle
The Shackles
0-5 Run Out the Guns.jpg Run Out the Guns Meanwhile, in the Shackles...
The Play's the Thing
Release the Obligatory Kraken
A Crew Divided
The Shackles
0-6 Hurricane Weather.jpg Hurricane Weather Get a Clue
The Battle of Abendego
The Monster Marsh
The Pirate Party
Into the Maelstrom
Lost in the Storm
The Shackles

On June 3, Paizo made the cards required to run the Season of the Shackles publicly available on DriveThruCards.


  1. This scenario was released ahead of the Adventure Card Game Organized Play launch date due to logistical delays. This scenario is not technically part of the Season of the Shackles adventure path but is included here for the sake of completion.