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Clashing Tides

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure #5-6: Clashing Tides
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Book - Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Adventure
Rule set
April 2019

Clashing Tides, a Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild scenario, was released in 2019. The scenario requires the Skull & Shackles Base Set, the Raiders of the Fever Sea Adventure Deck, the Tempest Rising Adventure Deck, the Island of Empty Eyes Adventure Deck, The Price of Infamy Adventure Deck, and the From Hell's Heart Adventure Deck. Groups of 5 to 6 players will also require the Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck.

Finally, the time has come to confront the oni Akinaru and stop his plot to unleash a flood of evil beings upon the world. The tyrannical nation of Chu Ye is a perilous place for anyone who isn't an oni, but you're not the type to let a little peril stop you. Your armada of ships and army of undersea fishfolk is ready to go toe to toe with Chu Ye's navy so you can storm the nation in search of your nemesis. Prepare for an epic showdown, complete with daring heists, flying ships, and a climactic final battle. This adventure includes a challenging optional sixth adventure, for characters who wish to deliver an even more crushing defeat to Akinaru in a mystical realm.


  • Battle of the Sapphire Strait
  • Withering Heist
  • Paths in the Sky
  • The Siege of Ushiojou
  • Akinaru's Last Chance
  • Dream Duel