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Seldeg Bhedlis

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Seldeg Bhedlis

3890 AR (est.)
Five fellow corrupted Knights of Ozem
Source: Undead Unleashed, pg(s). 52-53

Seldeg Bhedlis is the most powerful member of the Council Libertine, a group of Knights of Ozem who infiltrated Geb in the late 39th century AR but were captured, corrupted by Geb himself, turned into graveknights and twisted into stealing the body of Arazni in order to transform her into a lich. They now serve Arazni in her search for the Bloodstones of Arazni, her greatest weakness.12


Bhedlis grew up in a strictly repressive home and looked up to the crusaders of his family and surroundings. He rose quickly through the ranks of the Knights of Ozem and was one of the six knights hand-picked by Master and Commander Claidius Barronmor to infiltrate Mechitar in 3889 AR as the order turned its sights on the undead nation.1

Geb was a nation of indulgence, and Bhedlis succumbed to its pleasures while working undercover. He was seduced by a vampire named Ysmett, a secret thrall to the Blood Lord Hyrune Loxenna, who soon captured Bhedlis and used his guilt from his transgressions and fears of being judged unworthy by Aroden and Pharasma to convince him to accept undeath, a transformation that his five companions also soon underwent.1

Geb quickly put Bhedlis and the other corrupted Knights of Ozem, now known as the Council Libertine, to the task of stealing Arazni's body from Vigil, in order for Geb to raise her as a lich now known as the Harlot Queen.1

In 4719 AR, when Arazni fled Geb, Bhedlis was tasked to stay behind and keep the news of her disappearance quiet while the other members of the Council Libertine pursue her.2


Bhedlis still wears the charred armor of the Knights of Ozem, which was fused to his body when Geb incinerated him with magic. When presenting to his troops, he wears a black cloak that hides most of it from view.1


Bhedlis was the son of a crusader.1


While he remains close with the remaining members of the Council Libertine, Bhedlis views them with growing caution. Although popularly known as Arazni's generals, concubines, and champions, their true purpose is to watch over her on Geb's behalf. Arazni has been mentally conditioned to be unable to raise a hand against any of them.12

Service to Geb

Bhedlis serves as a spymaster for Geb and operates near Yled. His primary task is to recover the Bloodstones of Arazni, relics made from Arazni's organs that are said to keep Arazni vulnerable while they remain outside of her possession.12


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