Blood Lords

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Blood Lords
Type Government
Leader Chancellor Kemnebi
Headquarters Mechitar, Geb
Goals Administration of Geb
Scope National
Members Wizards (necromancers)

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 75
For another meaning of "Blood Lords", please see Blood Lords (adventure path).

The ghostly necromancer Geb, nominal ruler of his self-titled nation, rarely chooses to manifest. As a result, the acting head of state is his lich Queen Arazni, but the day to day administration of the kingdom is carried out by the Blood Lords. They are all powerful necromancers headquartered at the Ebon Mausoleum in Mechitar, and have pledged loyalty to Geb till death—and beyond, as many of them are undead. Their leader is the vampire lord, Chancellor Kemnebi.[1]


There are about 60 Blood Lords, and they include vampires (usually moroi[2]), wraiths, mummies, shades, and liches. They look down on the nation's lesser undead nobles.[3] Specific members include:

Favored familiars

Most Blood Lords demand longevity from their familiars, relying on undead, constructs, and outsiders. Those who prefer animal familiars usually select a creature with a deathly connotation, such as ravens and vultures.[5]


Members of the Blood Lords help run the state in numerous ways. They are lawmakers, creating and adjudicating the laws that govern both the living and the dead in Geb. They act as judges, resolving disputes between mortals and the more intelligent undead. They promote the nation's well-being by maintaining its numerous magical wards and looking after its interests abroad, in addition to acting as diplomats and signing treaties with other countries.[6]


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