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An enraged shantak.
Type Magical beast
CR 8
Environment Cold mountains
Images of shantaks

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 244
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A shantak is an elephant-sized, bird-like creature with red, leathery, slime-encrusted wings and a vaguely equine head. It has the ability to survive and fly in the void between planets.[1]


Although capable of spaceflight and protecting their riders from the vacuum, shantaks are intelligent enough to be untrainable as mounts. Someone who wants to ride one must convince or magically coerce it, but the shantak has a tendency to strand riders in dangerous places or withdraw its protection. Despite this ability, shantaks rarely actually seek out new worlds for fear of being lost in space.[1]

Shantaks are irrationally afraid of certain creatures, like nightgaunts, harpies, and gargoyles. They speak with a shrill voice like glass grinding against stone.[1]

On Golarion

Shantaks have been spotted in the mountains of Golarion's colder climes but, because of their ability for interplanetary flight, they can also be found on the other planets of the solar system.[1][2]