Sisters of the Golden Erinyes

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Sisters of the Golden Erinyes
A Sister of the Golden Erinyes.

Indoctrinate orphans in the ways of Asmodeus
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 83

Also known as the Devil Nuns, the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes, or Sisterhood of the Golden Erinys1 are among the most well-known of the monastic orders in Isger fostered by the Church of Asmodeus in the aftermath of the Goblinblood Wars. One of their primary missions is to take in children left orphaned by the wars, and raise them as worshipers of Asmodeus.23 Using unholy water, the sisterhood baptizes rescued youths and drills them in the basics of infernal politics and philosophies. The training is eventually extended to exotic martial arts that are difficult to master, such as learning to tear armour apart with just bare hands, and gaining expertise with rare weapons, such as the seven-branched sword.3 Upon reaching adulthood, female orphans may be allowed to join the Order. Many male orphans seek to become priests of Asmodeus or Hellknights.24

History of the Sisterhood

The Sisters of the Golden Erinyes is a branch of the original Sisterhood of Eiseth, a convent of female monks who hoped to become erinyes after their deaths. The Sisterhood worshiped Eiseth, the first erinys. Prior to the death of the god Aroden, the sisterhood operated under cover, typically hiding their convents amongst mausoleums or funeral houses. Following Aroden's death, the sisterhood expanded in some areas and contracted in others. It was in Isger that the Sisterhood had its greatest success, eventually re-branding itself in Isger as the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes.5

The success of the orphanages' martial graduates has not gone unnoticed in Cheliax. With the old empire's decline and its adversaries gathering strength, some Chelaxians view Isger as a potential investment opportunity and a possible frontline defense against Andoran.6


The sisters practice a vicious fighting style known as Hamatulatsu, inspired by the combat prowess of the barbed devil.3 The aim of the style is not necessarily to kill but to inflict painful wounds that cripple and scar opponents with memorable pain.2


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