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Titles The Colourless Lord
Warden of Galisemni
Home Maelstrom
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Areas of Concern Fate
Worshipers The desperate
Proteans aligned with no chorus
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Knowledge, Liberation, Trickery
Symbol Triquetra over a keketar head

Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 17

Ssila'meshnik, the Colourless Lord is the protean lord of fate, freedom and paradox, and the most prominent protean lord.[1]


Ssila'meshnik has no known divine realm in the Maelstrom, but has been called the 'Warden of Galisemni'. The connection between Ssila'meshnik and the Watching Seven, the seven towering keketar statues in Galisemni, is unknown. Nevertheless, Ssila'meshnik's largest temple and centre of worship is located in Galisemni, an iridescent crystalline building where time and magic are unstable.[1][2]


Ssila'meshnik appears as an albino keketar protean or a ganzi with an intertwined trio of crowns. Its form is shadowed by afterimages and periodically breaks into superimposed possibilities as it manipulates reality and chooses the best course of action.[1]


Ssila'meshnik is permitted by Pharasma to arrive in the Boneyard without warning to arbitrate certain cases. The souls being judged lived contradictory, mercurial lives, with the only constant being their insistence on absolute freedom. Ssila'meshnik displays courteous respect but no humbleness in Pharasma's presence.[1][2][3]

Ssila'meshnik distrusts Asmodeus and has a violent history with the axiomites.[4]