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Horned archon
Stag archon1E

Horned archons, also known as stag archons,1 are the divine servitor race of the god Erastil. These archons resemble powerful humans with the horned head and cloven feet of stags or elk.1

Society and culture

Horned archons serve Heaven as scouts and trackers, patrol the wildernesses of the Outer Sphere, hunt evil beings, and keep smaller communities safe from harm. They perform a similar role when called to the Material Plane, something typically done at the request of the patron Erastil, where they patrol dangerous frontiers, help mortals in need, and drive off dangerous monsters.2

Because horned archons often patrol the wildernesses of Nirvana and Elysium, they tend to be better at understanding the perspectives of other celestials than other archons.2


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