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A Lumber Consortium enforcer wears heavily accessorized leather armor.
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Leather armour is comprised of several flexible or molded boiled leather panels stitched together to overlap. This armor is tougher than natural hide while retaining considerable flexibility; it is both less protective and restrictive than metal armors.[1][2][3]

Kayltanya, a Red Mantis assassin, wears the cult's distinctive studded leather armor.


Studded leather armor embeds metal studs or plates for additional reinforcement, without sacrificing its flexibility.[3]

Rosewood armor wraps leather armor in thorned rose vines that must be watered regularly for maintenance.[4][5]

On Golarion

Members of the Red Mantis assassin cult wear distinctive red and black studded leather armor.[6]

The infamous vigilante Blackjack of Korvosa wears a suit of black leather armor.[7]

Leather armor is associated with the szerik bond of the Iridian Fold.[8]

The Crows, guards of Carrion Hill in Ustalav, wear distinctive black leather armor and chains.[9]

Charau-ka are known to manufacture tanned leather armor.[10]

The serial murderer Varl Wex is said to wear leather armor that incorporates an apron to hold the tools of his violent craft.[11]

Quantium's rumored Master of Assassins Master Phade wears distinctive full-body leather armor.[12]


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