Twilight Talons

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Twilight Talons

Clandestine military organization
Defense of democracy; abolition of slavery
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 190

The Twilight Talons are a secret Andoren espionage organization under the control of the larger Eagle Knights. They operate outside the government's acknowledgement, and serve as spies, saboteurs, deep-cover agents, and assassins.1 They target slavers and agents of House Thrune to protect Andoren democracy and spread freedom across the Inner Sea region.2


The Talons are headed by Marshal Helena Trellis, though this is not publicly known due to the clandestine nature of the organization.1


The Talons use a system of secret hand signals and passwords to recognize one other and pass on information. As the ultimate mark of identification, each agent is marked with a magical tattoo that only reveals itself when a unique phrase is spoken out loud.3


The Twilight Talons have placed numerous agents among all of Andoran's main rivals including Cheliax, Taldor, Katapesh, the Shackles, and Nidal. These operatives are assigned to gather information, and rarely reveal their presence or conduct any disruptive missions. The presence of these agents is only known to Reginald Cormoth, the commander of the Eagle Knights, and Marshal Trellis. Talon agents also infiltrate groups without state support, such as slave traders, pirates, puppet extensions of the Chelish Church of Asmodeus, and the mercenaries of the Aspis Consortium. They then report their findings to the Steel Falcons, who can take more direct action against these groups.3


Othine Dalanse: A one-time field agent and slave ring infiltrator,4 Othine earned the meritorious service award known as the Eagle's Ring.5 Her current status is undetermined but she was last seen in Katapesh.

Whispershade: A human male paladin commander operating undercover in Katapesh.6


Even though the Twilight Talons have no uniforms, epaulets, or other overt regalia, they do have a secret symbol: a black eagle holding a sword and arrows.73


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