Reginald Cormoth

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Reginald Cormoth

The Old Man
Executive Consul;
Lord Captain Commander
4656 AR (age 68)
Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 16

General Reginald Cormoth is the commander of the Eagle Knights of Andoran, a specialized military division. He also serves as the Lord of the Guardian Tower of the Golden Aerie in the city of Almas, and is often simply referred to as "The Old Man". He has a knack for strategy and tactics, and is not against bending rules to get the desired result. He smokes tobacco leaves, and enjoys going undercover to surprise those under him who are lax at their positions.12


Born in 4636 AR in Claes, the general trained in the naval academies of Augustana, after which he entered the Andoren Navy. He was inducted as an Eagle Knight after destroying several Taldan slave galleys.1 Before assuming his current position, Cormoth was the operational leader of the Eagle Knights' unacknowledged spy branch, the Twilight Talons.3 As Lord Captain Commander, Cormoth strove to diversify the skills and abilities of the Eagle Knights, allowing them to participate in a greater variety of missions. He is now a member of Andoran's ruling body, the People's Council, where he serves as one of 30 Consuls.2

Commander of the Eagle Knights

In his position as commander, Cormoth is in charge of all Eagle Knights operations within Andoran, and serves as an adjunct in domestic, foreign, and intelligence operations performed by the general Andoren military. He is assisted in each of these types of missions by three under-marshals. Under him in the military hierarchy of the Eagle Knights are the leaders of the organization's three branches: General Traxxus of the Golden Legion; General Marusek of the Steel Falcons; and Marshal Helena Trellis of the Twilight Talons.3


  • 4689 AR - Elected Consul2
  • 4694 AR - Elected Executive Consul and Lord Captain Commander of the Eagle Knights.2

Foreign relations


Cormoth is a staunch ally and long-standing friend of Nirmathas' leader, Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk; their political philosophies are similar and they communicate with each other regularly. The personal alliance is backed up by covert shipments to Nirmathas of supplies, armour, and weapons via Druma and Lake Encarthan. Nirmathas' enemy, Molthune, may suspect such traffic but, as yet, has failed to prove it. Thus, Andoran is one of the handful of loyal allies upon which Nirmathas relies, largely due to Cormoth and Gavirk's mutual respect.4


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