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Temperate or warm forests
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 276

A weedwhip is a foul-smelling plant known to menace farmers due to its tendency to grow in nearly any soil.1 It may be alien in origin to Golarion, and is associated with the crash of the starship Divinity in Numeria during the Rain of Stars.23


A weedwhip sprouts from a bulb a couple of feet in size, with a large flower that smells of rotting fish and three vines that lash with spiked, toxic thorns. Its roots can wriggle and move it across ground.1


The bulb of a weedwhip can bury itself in ground to protect itself, and the plant's flesh is also poisonous.1


Weedwhips embed themselves in soil of nearly any quality and are particular nuisances in farms and orchards (where they wrap around other plants) and near buildings (where they entangle themselves around structures). Its smell deters animals, giving weedwhips few natural threats. In extreme circumstances, a weedwhip can even root itself in corpses.1

Vegepygmies have cultivated weedwhips to watch over corpses they use to reproduce.2 Weedwhips can also be summoned by spellcasters with a focus on nature.4

On Golarion

Weedwhips are present in ruins of the Divinity in Numeria, and were part of a collection of Numerian items acquired by the Blakros Museum.3


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