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A representation of a wereshark.

As base creature +1
Any oceans or coastlines
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 54

Weresharks are werecreatures most common in the warm waters of the Shackles.1


Weresharks can resemble a full humanoid, albeit with shark-like features such as large and crooked teeth, or a mundane shark. They can also assume a hybrid form in which they have the head of a shark and the body of a powerfully muscled humanoid with clawed hands and talons on their feet.1


Weresharks believe that sharks have the right to rule over the sea, believe that they deserve magic items due to this right, and often recruit sharks to enforce their will within their oceanic dominions. A few weresharks rise to the leadership of island settlements. Some are bloody tyrants who sow fear among their subjects, while others are fair, distant overlords; regardless, most weresharks are single-minded and do not tolerate questioning. Weresharks prefer to give space to others of their kind and rarely fight, but when they do, the ensuing battle often leaves both scarred or dead. Chieftains and shamans of island-dwelling tribes often idolise weresharks.2

Related creatures

Beastkin descended from weresharks are known as wereshark-kin, or seascarred.3


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