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temperate forests or hills
Source: Broken Moon, pg(s). 88-89

Werebats are one of the most feared types of werecreature. They are as numerous and gregarious as wererats, but are much more open and aggressive.1 They are sometimes mistaken for vampires; some werebats are affronted by this and make a point of opposing vampires (with mixed results).2


In their humanoid form, werebats resemble normal members of their race, but tend to have dark hair and severe features. They are usually thin, of above average height but significantly below average weight. Many have poor vision, but make up for it with keen hearing and a good sense of smell.3

Ecology and habitat

They are usually found in or near dense forests or jungles, and prefer to lair in caves and caverns. They often band together in flocks.1 There are also reports of drow werebats in the Darklands.4

Werebats will sometimes gradually take over entire communities, killing some and infecting others with the curse of the werebat. Affected werebats feel the urge to seek out and join the werebat flock. Werebat flocks usually have a single leader—either the most powerful werebat, or, in some cases, another evil flying creature.

Werebats are sometimes employed by others as couriers or assassins.5


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