Finder's Gulch

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Finder's Gulch

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 84

Finder's Gulch is a ruined and abandoned village in the Menador Mountains of western Isger that is home to a powerful priestess of Urgathoa named Illcayna Alonnor. She was transformed by her goddess into a monstrosity known as a daughter of Urgathoa and raids the countryside around Finder's Gulch—including neighboring Cheliax and Molthune—for victims to expand her growing army of wights.1


Over a century ago, the village of Finder's Gulch was attacked by Alonnor and her wights. She killed all of its inhabitants and transformed the settlement into a lair for herself and her minions.2


Beyond the countless wights and their mistress, the ghost town is also said to be inhabited by the bloodthirsty fey known as redcaps, although how the two populations can possibly coexist is unknown.3


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