House of the Senses Awakened

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The House of the Senses Awakened was the decadent project of Grand Prince Cydonus III, the ruler of Taldor who was so profligate in his spending that, during a mere five-year reign (40774081 AR), he nearly bankrupted the entire country. Cydonus spent his life wracked with anxiety over the possibility of an attack from neighbouring Qadira. He dealt with this fear by indulging his every whim and the culmination of this was the House of the Senses Awakened. A maze-like pleasure palace located in the wilds of the Porthmos Gap, Cydonus III effectively moved Taldor's capital from Oppara to this lavish pleasure ground during his reign. This included his harem of lovers and one in particular, Origen Sarlu, was especially fond of the Grand Prince.1

In the wake of the Even-Tongued Conquest, Grand Prince Cydonus III was poisoned by a Qadiran agent (later identified by the Ballingar Accord).2 After the Grand Prince's death, Origen Sarlu absconded with his body and sealed himself, the Grand Prince's body, and a significant portion of Taldor's wealth within the House of the Senses Awakened, turning the complex into a trap-riddled hazard that has remained impenetrable to this day. Origen Sarlu still dwells within, having become a powerful form of undead known as a nemhain and the house is protected by an array of other undead, including spectres, wights, and wraiths, as well as ancient stone golems.1


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