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(extraplanar, inevitable, lawful)
Source: The Divinity Drive, pg(s). 84-85

Yarahkuts are inevitables tasked with preventing magic and technology from being introduced to regions where they could disrupt the development of cultures that are not yet ready to wield their power.1


The yarahkut appears as a humanoid creature made of stone and plated with metal. Sharp brass wings stretch from its back, and its head bears three identical faces, staring impassively in separate directions with glowing golden eyes. The yarahkut has remarkable control over its wings, which are weapons first, and means of transportation second. It has four arms: the upper two bear claws for combat, the lower two have human hands for manipulation. A yarahkut stands 11 feet tall and weighs 3000 pounds.1


Just by scrutinising an item, a yarahkut is capable of disassembling it in moments. It also exudes an aura that tampers with nearby mechanical items. This aura causes mechanical weapons to become misaligned and misfire. The yarahkut's mind-affecting abilities allow it to remove relevant memories from targets once they have finished their task.1


Yarahkuts seek for those in possession of magical or technological items beyond their ability to control (according to the yarahkut's belief) and ensure that such items are retrieved or destroyed as soon as possible. Each yarahkut has jurisdiction over a specific territory.1

Yarahkuts take extra care compared to other inevitables to avoid being destroyed on their missions, and are willing to retreat from combat for self-preservation. Although they are aware that a replacement will emerge from Axis to replace them if they are destroyed, yarahkuts understand that their destruction would extend the time that their quarries are allowed to contaminate their territories.1

Once a yarahkut has tracked its quarry, it uses its innate arcane sight to identify any threats that require neutralisation. Once the offending items are removed, the yarahkut will then strip the relevant memories from the target, unless if the target has expert knowledge of technology or has been exposed to them for a long time, in which case the yarahkut will resort to a thorough mind wipe or execution.1

Each yarahkut has a meticulously assembled base of power and network of informants from across the planes. Yarahkuts attempt to stay removed from the affairs of the world, running their networks through intermediaries and sending agents to investigate dangerous items before planning and committing to a mission themselves. These agents rarely realise the true nature of their benefactor. Yarahkuts attempt to plan for as many contingencies as possible to ensure success.1

As they lack innate means of traveling the planes, yarahkuts may seek aid in arriving at the location of dangerous technology, including help from mortal spellcasters who summon them. These spellcasters usually try to tempt the yarahkut with information about prohibited technology, unaware that the yarahkut is already aware of the technology and had counted on being summoned.1

Yarahkuts are mostly solitary, only interacting with other inevitables when the need arises: they might ally with other yarahkuts if there are dangerous artefacts posing a threat across overlapping yarahkut jurisdictions, or with a kolyarut if a bargain was broken regarding powerful technology.1


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