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A marut.

Maruts are a type of inevitable tasked with bringing a fitting end to those mortals who try to cheat death and live forever.12


A marut resembles a large humanoid made of onyx and clad in elaborate golden armour. Its fists strike with the power of a thunderstorm. A marut shakes the ground when walking and rarely seems to hurry.1


Maruts primarily target mortals who have magically extended their lifespans, most notably liches. Extraordinary but natural means of cheating death, like murdering an entire starving town to save oneself or foreseeing and avoiding one's death via divination, are sometimes also punished. A marut's onslaught is deliberate, purposeful and relentless. Its quarry might flee for countless years, but must always know that since the first meeting onward the marut is always slowly but surely approaching.1

Maruts frequently gather vast information from those who are intimidated by their presence, but rarely converse or ally with mortals. Even on the battlefield, they prefer to remain silent.1


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