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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Elf
Class Antipaladin 11
Gender Male
Homeland Vigil, Lastwall
Organization Seal-Breakers
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Source: Last Watch, pg(s). 58

Yosiduin is a bitter, nihilistic elf who seeks to see all of Lastwall destroyed by freeing Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant. He leads a Seal-Breaker cell secretly operating underneath Vigil, seeking to break the seal that imprisons the Tyrant in Gallowspire.[1]


Due to his bitterness and self-abuse, Yosiduin looks pale and haggard. His eyes are sunken, and his long, white hair is often worn loose. The decline of his physique turned his armour oversized, but he retains his commanding voice and gaze.[1]


Yosiduin's grandfather was Yoridi, a paladin of Aroden who fought in the Shining Crusade and was part of the team that summoned Arazni. After Arazni was slain by Tar-Baphon, Yoridi's self-pity caused him to abandon his vows and become a drunkard. Yoridi eventually became convinced that Arazni's failings led to her defeat (and thus his own fall), and later put the blame on the entire nation of Lastwall. Yosiduin inherited his grandfather's hatred through his mother, Yoridi's daughter.[1]


Yosiduin commands a cell of Seal-Breakers from the dark corners of Vigil, from where they commit numerous crimes while remaining unsuspected by the Knights of Ozem and keeping tabs on rival criminals. He has vowed to turn careless minions into taxidermy pieces, and indicates that he will not care if they are dead or not when he starts stitching them.[1]


In his youth, Yosiduin strived to break his hatred and became a paladin in service of Lastwall, but he heard Yoridi's spite every time he was passed over for promotion, or given an unpleasant task, or experienced a setback against the orcs of Belkzen. When he learnt about the Seal-Breakers and its goal of freeing Tar-Baphon roughly a century ago, he decided that this order was his place.[1]

Years ago, Yosiduin received one of the most important missions of the Seal-Breakers: search Vigil for the third seal that keeps Tar-Baphon in his prison of Gallowspire.[1]


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