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Type Humanoid
(adlet, cold)
CR 10
Environment Cold plains, hills, or mountains
Adjective Adlet

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 9

An adlet is an aggressive, white-furred, wolf-like humanoid resident in polar regions.[1]

Adlets on Golarion

Some decades ago, a tribe of adlets from the Stormspear Mountains attacked and conquered the Varki's Cavern of the Sacred Shapes in Icemark in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.[2]

Adlets on Triaxus

Adlets also inhabit the planet Triaxus. Many Triaxian adlets hail from the area surrounding the Vahara Glacier, but they have been driven from their homelands by the white dragon warlord Yrax of the Drakelands. One of the adlets' holiest sites is the Rimekeening Crevasse, the final resting place of the adlet hero Sarnok. The adlets believe that Sarnok will one day return to guide them.[3]

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