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Adril Hestram

Northern Avistan
Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 52

Adril Hestram was one of the most prominent venture-captains operating out of the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge in Absalom23 until 4710 AR, when he attempted to assassinate the Society's leadership, the Decemvirate. Although he was foiled by Pathfinders, including Eliza Petulengro and Osprey, several Decemvirate members were killed or cursed. Hestram's allies formed the Shadow Lodge that sowed continued disruption and discord after his demise.4 Hestram was killed that year during an attack on the Woodsedge Lodge by the Red Raven.1


A confident fighter and veteran Pathfinder, Adril had more dungeon delves under his belt than most could count. He was an expert in the exploration of the siege castles outside Absalom.5 The imposing venture-captain was also rumored to be the unwitting architect of the Katapesh slave riot of 4702 AR.6

Every year, Adril took some of his favorite Pathfinder initiates out to see interesting sites around Absalom. The beer-loving instructor steered his students away from any real danger, but the trips were never wholly uneventful.5


Venture-Captain Hestram claimed to be from the north, explaining his light hair and beard, but he refused to identify his homeland. He had traits of many human lineages, making speculation difficult.5 Adril was a bear of a man, standing well over six feet tall. His large girth might have been deceiving since bulk was mostly muscle, and he was frequently found sparring and arm-wrestling with other members of the Society to further develop his strength.2 Hestram could be quite jovial, with a wide, gap-toothed smile,5 and was known for his bizarre sense of gallows humor.6


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