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An ahuizotl.

An ahuizotl is a feared swamp-dwelling predator that looks like an overgrown otter or other aquatic mammal, except for a long, prehensile tail which ends in a fifth hand.[1]


These bear-sized creatures have a robust simian's body, the face of a dog, an a long, prehensile tail that ends in a fifth clawed hand. Average specimens grow up to nine feet long, weighing upwards of 1,200 pound. They are exceptionally long-lived, and have been known to live over 60 years in the wild.[2]


Despite their bestial appearance, ahuizotls are in fact quite intelligent and evil, with a penchant for cruelty. They have been known to form simple alliances with other swamp-dwelling creatures such as will-o'-wisps, who will lure creatures near the ahuizotl's lair. Once in reach, the ahuizotl drags the victim in and slay it, while the will-o'-wisp feeds on its fear. Intelligent creatures thus ensnared have been known to successfully bargain for their freedom in exchange for leading others to their doom in the swamp. These are typically humanoids native to the aquatic realm of the ahuizotl, such as lizardfolk, boggards, or marsh-dwelling humans.[2] Certain depraved people have also been known to befriend ahuizotls and take them as animal companions.[3]


An ahuizotl almost always lives on its own, making a nest out of sunken trees or a flooded cavern in warm water lakes, rivers, or swamps. Extremely territorial, it will keep a close from there on its surroundings, attacking anything that trespasses. Ahuizotls have an uncanny ability to mimic humanoid voices, and it will use this ability to lure in its victims. Once within reach, it will grab its victim with its tail claw, drag them closer, where it can rend it with its remaining claws. Ahuizotls consider eyes, teeth, and fingernails to be a particular delicacy, and mutilated bodies found missing these items are clear evidence of an ahuizotl attack.[2]

On Golarion

Although most of these creatures are found in the warm, shallow waters of Garund (such as near the Sargavan city of Kalabuto,[4][2] the isles of the Shackles,[5] and the Sphinx Basin of Osirion),[6] they have been spotted as far to the north as the Haunted Fen along Lake Hooktongue in the River Kingdoms,[7] and the Ghostlight Marsh in the Hold of Belkzen.[8] They have also been reportedly spotted in the Valashmai Jungle of southern Tian Xia.[9]


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