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Nation The Worldwound
Alignment Chaotic evil
Government Anarchy
Languages Hallit, Abyssal
Religions Baphomet, Deskari, Xoveron

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 10-13

Riftshadow is a region of the Worldwound that follows the flow of the Sarkora and West Sarkora Rivers (except for where the Sarkora flows through Frostmire Fen, which is considered part of Frostmire).[1]

The Sarkora River was the heavily traveled main trade route in the previous age. It runs along the Northmounds plateau's southern and western cliffs, forming what was once the most heavily populated region of Sarkoris. The formerly heavily traveled waterway passed by the thriving cities of Storasta, Raliscrad, and Undarin, along with dozens of smaller towns and villages.[2]

Today, Riftshadow is a nightmare of ruins and abyssal horrors. The abandoned city of Storasta is located at the southern edge of the region, while Undarin, the city of the half-fiend witch Areelu Vorlesh, is located at the northern edge. Countless demons walk Riftshadow's riverside roads, ply the tainted waters of the Sarkora River on demonic barges, and fly the skies above.[2]

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