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Hommelstaub, an atomie oracle.

Any temperate and First World
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 28

Atomies are diminutive fey resembling minuscule humanoid beings with pointed ears and delicate insectile wings. They possess courage and pride far beyond what might be suggested by their tiny frames, and are greatly attracted to heroism, daring fights, and dueling; few things please an atomie more than challenging and humbling a larger foe.1[citation needed]

Society and culture

In fey society, atomies often serve as guards or sentries for larger fairies such as nymphs and dryads, although they only possess a limited ability to effectively protect their larger and more powerful charges, and often abandon their duties out of boredom. They also share a good relationship with grigs, and the two types of tiny fey often ally with each other for mutual aid and defense.1[citation needed]

On Golarion

As fey, atomies are common on their home plane: the ancient First World.2 A group of winter-touched atomies has recently been brought to Taldor's Border Wood as part of a series of magically-cold weather patterns.3 They have also been spotted in the wilderness near the Brevic city of Silverhall,4 as well as the fey-haunted Verduran Forest.56


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