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For another meaning of "Shrikewood", please see Shrikewood (province).

The Shrikewood is a forest in central Molthune, bordered on the west by the Nosam River and to the south by the Hungry Maw River, northeast of the capital, Canorate. Due to the infertile soil, trees are sparse and rarely reach more than ten feet in height. The land is mainly rugged hills and valleys, which make travel difficult. Because of the inhospitable terrain, Shrikewood is a haven for many who wish to escape Molthune's rigid society, including criminals and political dissidents, as well as savage humanoids, including mites, kobolds, and ogres. Monsters like worgs, griffons, and giant vermin hunt the woodlands as well.1

For a time, an unidentified bandit known as the brutal Shrikewood Slayer plundered the forest for roughly a decade.2


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