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Nation Galt
Size Small city
Population 9,300
Demographics 60% human, 30% dwarf, 5% halfling, 2% elf, 2% half-elf, 1% other
Government Conventional
Alignment Lawful good
Leader Reeve Antero Ikonen

Source: Flight of the Red Raven, pg(s). 3

The Galtan city of Azurestone takes its name from a the massive blue menhir that towers 100 feet above the town. Located on the plains north of the Boarwood, Azurestone has been relatively isolated from Galt's revolutionary fervour until recently. The stone is an object of religious reverence to the dwarves of the nearby Fog Peaks, who believe it to be a spear that was thrown down from Heaven in prehistoric times by their patron god Torag. These dwarves make regular pilgrimages to Azurestone, pumping up the local economy. Rumors of hidden chambers beneath the stone are beginning to attract adventurers and other undesirables to the city, who have also brought Galt's infamous revolutionary spirit with them.[1]

A trade route links the city with nearby Edme. Azurestone's patron deity is Erastil, but most of the benign gods are honoured by the citizens. The locals are mostly farmers and miners. Ordinarily, the city's location would make it subject to harsh winters, but these are mitigated by the influence of a relic known as the Vernal Key.[2]