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Nation Galt
Size Large town
Population 4,900

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 73

Litran is a Galtan city located in the center of the country along the Stormflood River. It is best known for being the headquarters of the mysterious executioners known as the Gray Gardeners, and because of their intimidating presence, is one of the most stable cities in the nation.[1]


Situated on a major, navigable river on the southern edge of the fertile Horun Plain, Litran was once the a major center of trade in Galt. Farmers brought their grain to the city's many mills, and from there the flour was shipped throughout the country. The Red Revolution began early in Litran, however, and many wealthy merchants and mill magnates were indiscriminately put to death, nearly causing the complete destruction of the town. This collapse was prevented by the arrival of the Gray Gardeners with their final blades, who put an end to the random violence, substituting it with their own, regulated brand of death.[1]

Gray Gardeners

The headquarters of the Gray Gardeners is a an imposing monastery that sits just off the docks. Whether from respect or fear, the ever-hungry, often blood-thirsty mobs that rove across the rest of Galt avoid Litran entirely. This does not make Litran a safe place, however, as it is deeply unwelcoming to outsiders of any sort.[2]