East Sellen River

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See also: Sellen River and West Sellen River

The East Sellen River flows south out of the Icerime Peaks of Brevoy through the Gronzi Forest, and empties into Lake Reykal. The river continues south past New Stetven into the River Kingdoms, passing through the lands of House Medvyed, House Lebeda, and House Rogarvia.1 In the River Kingdoms it flows through Lake Hooktongue, passing the city of Mivon before being joined by the Chalkstone River west of Liberthane. From there it flows south into Galt and turns west near the city of Isarn, flowing through the Southern Hymbrian Forest, where it is joined by the Hymbrian River. It finally flows into Kallas Lake where it joins the Sellen River.2


Paizo published a major article about the Sellen River, including the East Sellen River, in Dreams of the Yellow King.

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