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Bevaluu Zimantiu

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Bevaluu Zimantiu

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 25

Bevaluu Zimantiu is the sole caretaker of the Cynosure Tower, Magnimar's temple to Desna. A powerful cleric of the Song of the Spheres, she prefers to live a simple life of service, and goes on months-long journeys twice a year. During her absence she hand-picks one her parishioners to take her place as the Cynosure Tower's caretaker.1 Bevaluu is an attractive Varisian woman of middling years with dark hair who generally wears her hair back in a braid. She and Father Fendus of the Deadeye Lodge are the only Magnimarian priests who have any contact with their counterparts in the ecumenical Windsong Abbey to the north.2 After adventurers collected the seven pieces of the Thassilonian artifact called the Sihedron in 4712 AR, Bevaluu was chosen by Pathfinder Society Venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch to sit on the Sihedron Council, in order to decide what to do with the powerful magical item.3


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