Deadeye Lodge

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The wooden Deadeye Lodge is the city of Magnimar's church of Erastil, and is located in the northeast of the Keystone district on the edge of Seerspring Garden. Looking more like a rustic hunting cabin, Deadeye Lodge seems quite out of place among the townhouses of the city, but that does not seem to bother the devotees of Old Deadeye, who attend in large numbers. Its head priest, Father Lorgell Fendus, holds services three times-a-week, and is known for his welcoming nature. The Lodge also hosts a dozen archers who serve their god by keeping the streets of Keystone safe for all. This brings them into occasional conflict with the similarly armed followers of Calistria's Dome of the Savored Sting, whose methods and morals while maintaining the peace are quite different.1