Windsong Abbey

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Windsong Abbey was built in 4082 AR1 as a pacifist refuge for followers of all religions—good and evil—to come and resolve their doctrinal and political differences in a non-violent manner and to peacefully further their own goals.23


The building itself is quite dramatic, with countless arches and towers, tall stained glass windows which refract the light, and special tunnels in the walls and floors which produce sounds very like a pipe organ. All this is set against the dramatic cliffs and foam-flecked waters of the Varisian Gulf.23


The abbey is run by a woman known only as the Masked Abbess, and only she and a few close advisers are aware that the abbey was constructed on a much older structure.23


Since the apparent death of the god Aroden in 4606 AR, many churches have withdrawn their representatives from the Abbey, leaving many of its halls abandoned, and contributing to the paranoia of those left behind.43


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