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Blood Lords (adventure path)

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For another meaning of "Blood Lords", please see Blood Lords.

Blood Lords is the thirty-third Pathfinder Adventure Path and ran from July 2022 to December 2022.

The undead nation of Geb gains most of its trade from the export of food grown on zombie-worked farms, but one farm has been the site of a series of strange occurrences. The Blood Lords Adventure Path, is a six-part, monthly campaign in which the characters rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule a land of the dead.


Pathfinder Adventure Path
Zombie Feast.jpg
Zombie Feast Written by Mike Kimmel Released July 27, 2022
Something gnawing at you? The undead nation of Geb gains most of its international trade from the export of food grown on zombie-worked farms, but lately one farm has been the site of a series of strange occurrences. Dispatched to investigate the problem, the player characters discover a grave threat to Geb's minority living population, bringing them to the attention of the insidious Blood Lords who rule the land in the name of their undead wizard-king. Defeating the wicked forces behind the plot is the first step on a long road to gaining influence and power in Geb, but if the investigators can't solve the problem to the Blood Lords' satisfaction, their first step may be their last!
Graveclaw Written by Jason Tondro Released August 31, 2022
Toil and Trouble! After stopping a poisonous plot against the living population of Graydirge, the player characters must seek out the hag pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Yet hags congregate in covens, and facing off against the insidious hag coven called the Graveclaw leads to a race across the undead-haunted nation of Geb. From shadowed forests to an undersea temple, and from rusted-out factories to university lecture halls, the characters must investigate the trails of misery and fear the hags leave in their wake. The characters must vanquish the Graveclaw to protect the residents of Geb—or end up stewing in a hag’s cauldron!
Field of Maidens.jpg
Field of Maidens Written by Jenny Jarzabski Released September 21, 2022
Secrets Hidden in Stone! The Field of Maidens, an eerie stretch along the nation of Geb's southern border, lies studded with the petrified remains of invaders from centuries past. Long neglected and largely abandoned, the area takes on new significance when a traitor claws her way back from the dead and races toward her master concealed in the statue-filled badlands. At the same time, foreign invaders have infiltrated the stony sentinels to move against Geb. The player characters must piece together clues, unravel tangled motives, and bring to light machinations that threaten to destabilize the nation from the Field of Maidens.
The Ghouls Hunger.jpg
The Ghouls Hunger Written by Leo Glass and James Jacobs Released October 19, 2022
Formally inducted to the Blood Lords as recognition for their past victories, the player characters soon find that the dangers hidden in this prestigious role are as great as the rewards. The new aristocrats of Geb must fend off intrigues of their power-hungry peers, escort the priest-king of a subterranean ghoul nation, and quell a cannibalistic cult—all while investigating the plot to poison living residents across Geb and beyond. The mysterious mastermind behind this plot stalks the halls of power, where the characters now tread, and he knows that his enemies are closing in!
A Taste of Ashes.jpg
A Taste of Ashes Written by Brian Duckwitz Released November 16, 2022
The newest Blood Lords follow the trail of a deadly plot to the bone-walled metropolis of Yled, just as the city is gearing up for war against the undead nation's greatest enemy. From spectral theater performances to the city's secret defense installations, the Blood Lords race to stop a plan to bring forth horrors from beyond death—and before their foes leave nothing more than ashes in their wake.
Ghost King's Rage.jpg
Ghost King's Rage Written by Jessica Catalan Released December 14, 2022
The newest Blood Lords have discovered the identity of their peer behind the conspiracy that threatens the nation. The ghost king Geb wants this traitor destroyed, but the player characters must first question a fractured soul held in the realm where souls venture after death. This is only the first of their dangerous trials, as the traitor’s realm is one of shadowy horror and mind-bending reality that only the most powerful characters can survive!

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Player's Guide
Blood Lords Player's Guide Written by Ron Lundeen Released June 29, 2022
The ghost king of Geb rules a nation where the living and undead work uneasily side-by-side. The power behind the throne, and the true rulers of Geb, are the Blood Lords: a scheming group of undying necromancers whose whims affect millions. Joining the Blood Lords isn’t easy, but your band of less-than-good-hearted troubleshooters is destined to ascend their ranks for exposing a dangerous plot to the nation.

The danger increases once your characters become Blood Lords, as the intrigues of the undead rulers are fiercest against each other. Powerful factions and ancient secrets are all playthings in the deadly trickery. Your Blood Lords must fight from the borders of the nation to the sepulchral halls of power to claim their authority over the land of the dead!