Blue Jarl

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The Blue Jarl

Ruler of Ysborg
Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 42

Blue Jarl is a huge, powerfully muscled ice troll with a giant battleaxe carved from magical ice. He is the ruler of Ysborg, the 'Steading of the Ice Trolls', at the far south-eastern corner of the Linnorm Kingdom of Southmoor.1

The Blue Jarl's "Winter Palace" is one of of Ysborg's few stone buildings. It is nothing more than a blocky pile of icy rocks but it is well-fortified. The throne of the Blue Jarl is made from carved mammoth tusks and is decorated with human skulls. The Blue Jarl's kennels, just outside the palace are filled with winter wolves who have sworn allegiance to the jarl and the Bear Pits host ferocious polar and grizzly bears armored and trained to fight.1

Ice trolls, ettins, ogres, and other giants come from all across the Linnorm Kingdoms to join the army of the Blue Jarl. It is said that Blue Jarl is a fugitive from the frost giant citadel of Holvirgang in northern Irrisen, but the Blue Jarl himself claims to be the son of the frost giant deity Thremyr. He is always accompanied by his loyal frost giant shield maidens, as well as by the huge, white-furred dire bear that serves as his mount.1

Rumors hold that Irrisen has been courting Ysborg as an ally, but so far, the trolls remain independent.2


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