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Mishka the bear, charmed by a winter witch.
Grizzly bear
Black bear
Cave bear
Dire bear1E
A short-faced bear.

Temperate or warm jungles
Source: Animal Archive, pg(s). 29
Polar bear

Bears are powerful, furred carnivorous animals. Their various species that can be found in all of Golarion's climate zones. They include the powerful, brown grizzly bear found in forested hills,1 their smaller black bear cousins,2 and the polar and Taraskan bears of northern Avistan, who can be found on and near the Crown of the World.34 Cave bears, also known as dire bears or short-faced bears, are more powerful versions of their lesser cousins found far from civilization.1 Pandas are climbing, bamboo-eating bears who live solitary lives and are far less aggressive than other breeds.5 Kokogiaks are monsters resembling gigantic, ten-legged polar bears.6

Bears are sometimes found as the animal companions of druids, rangers, or other professions with close ties to the animal kingdom,7 especially among the dwarves, gnomes, orcs, and humans.8


Bears span several species, but they are generally large carnivorous mammalian quadrupeds with stocky legs, small ears, shaggy hair, clawed paws, and short tails. At their largest, polar bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds at up to 10 feet in length.9

Habitat and ecology

Bears typically hibernate during winter months in their dens, which are often natural shelters such as caves or logs.9

In culture

Stone giants often keep domesticated cave bears, and believe that their races were both born from a union between Fandarra and Estig the Hunter.10 Ettins are also known to keep cave bears as pets.11

As symbols

Because of their popularity, strength, and ferocity, bears are popular, symbolic creatures that appear in many cultures.

  • A black bear is part of the crest of House Medvyed, one of the noble houses of Brevoy.12
  • Cave bears are among the totems held in high regard by the Lyrune-Quah and Shadde-Quah of the Shoanti.13

In religion

Bears are sacred to a number of deities, including Trudd, the dwarven god of bravery and strength;14 the demon lord Urxehl;15 and the daemonic harbinger Laivatiniel.16 The demon lord Kostchtchie holds the polar bear as his sacred animal.17

One of the four heads of the rakshasa immortal Mursha is that of a bear, and he is said to be able to control these creatures.18

Bears and magic

Bears and ursine themes are also common in magical spells and items.

On Golarion

An animal trainer with her bear as an animal companion.

The Bearleg Lakes in the Crown of the World are home to numerous Taraskan bears and cave bears, which come there to feed on the yearly salmon runs and give the area its common name.4

Polar bears live along the Shining Sea,23 and are also found on the ice sheet covering the Antarkos Ocean.24


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